About UV

Everyone says their party is different, everyone says their party is better, but the people have said that UV VIBE is THE BEST.

UV was launched in Barbados in 2010 when the LIVE HD Team joined forces to fill a void missing in our internationally renowned Crop Over Festival, by creating an all-inclusive affair never before experienced in Barbados.

There was a constant cry for diversity on the entertainment scene, primarily during the Crop Over Season, and a plethora of requests by local and foreign partying enthusiasts for something fresh and vibrant; brewing with ideas, we took this an opportunity to undertake the revolution now known as the UV VIBE.

Lifestyle Ideas Versatile Entertainment is a name which is loaded, not just with words, but with very high expectations, and anyone who knows anything about a great party, knows that the single thing which takes a party to the next level, is VIBES. UV, the ultimate vibes inclusive concept is a party atmosphere with a special aura, a place where people feel relaxed but are still energized, and have the freedom to enjoy themselves to the max..…watch vibes go viral!

For 2017, we extend the vibes, nostalgia and atmosphere to the ever most popular Trinidad Carnival where colour, revelry and music is at its finest. With a slight spin on things, UV Trinidad brings you all this and more nestled on a background of a true Trinidadian Carnival Sunset.